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Sea Turtle Sighting Maps


Sightings Mapped by Year & Species

This map shows the locations of all reported sightings of sea turtles, by species, in 2017. Characteristics which identify juvenile loggerhead, green and Kemp’s ridley sea turtles can be difficult to observe on a live, swimming turtle. Therefore each sighting plotted here represents one of the four species, but identification is not certain.

Clicking on a sighting icon in the map will provide information about that specific sighting.

The map can be dragged using a mouse to show different areas. A viewer can also zoom in or out either by using the mouse scroll wheel or by adjusting the slider bar on the left side of the map. On touch devices hand gestures control the map as well.


red map icon Leatherback sea turtle

blue map icon Loggerhead sea turtle

green map icon Green sea turtle

purple map icon Kemp's ridley sea turtle