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Kemp’s ridley (Lepidochelys kempii)

Kemp’s ridleys are the smallest and most endangered of all sea turtles in the world. In fact, they are now listed as a "critically endangered" species. They are dark gray, resembling the color of wet cement. Only juveniles have been reported in southern New England waters, ranging in length from 10 to 18 inches, about the size of a dinner plate, weighing approximately five pounds. They mainly eat crabs, but may also eat fish, jellyfish and mollusks. Kemp's ridleys are the most common species to become cold-stunned in the late fall/early winter, washing onto the beaches of Cape Cod Bay.

Kemp’s ridleys Video

A Kemp’s ridleys Swimming at Night.

~ Kemp's ridley video by Greg Pouliot, fishing at night in the Cape Cod Canal

Kemp’s ridley Photos

5th Kemp's ridley photo

~ Kemp’s ridley photo by Gloria Howes.

1st Kemp's ridley photo

~ Kemp’s ridley photo by J. Gwalthney, F/V Eileen K.

2nd Kemp's ridley photo

3rd Kemp's ridley photo

4th Kemp's ridley photo

~ Kemp’s ridley Photos by mothjelly.

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